Gus's 63 Lb Rockfish

63 Lb StriperAt roughly 9:00am on January 4th, 2009 my son, Gus Huddleston, caught a 63 pound 2 oz Striped Bass. We were trolling 2 miles off the coast of Eastern Shores, Va. in 20 ft of water. The fish hit a 9” chartreuse shad body with a 5’ leader to an 8oz inline sinker. When the fish was hooked, Gus had to climb over the transom in order to get the rod out of the rod holder as his arms were too short to reach it from the deck. In order to climb back into the pit, he handed the rod to a crew member for a brief moment. Gus then fought the fish for about 15-20 min to the boat where I lifted the fish in, since we did not have a net on the boat.  We had a 60lbd Rapala hand scale on the boat and it bottomed it out, so we decided to make the 20 mile run to Lynnhaven inlet to weight the fish at Long Bay Point Bait and Tackle.

That evening as I was looking at the IGFA rules, I saw where no one is allowed to touch the rod at any time during the fighting of the fish. Since the rod was passed off for a brief second so Gus could get back onto the deck, the decision was made not to enter the fish. While heart broken, because his fish would have broken the current junior record by roughly 6 pounds, Gus wanted to make sure that if he does get into the book that it is an ethical entry.

Crew on the boat at time of catch: Phil Malsch (Captain), Ken Fiscarelli, Gus Huddleston (11yo), Maggie Huddleston (Gus’s 8yo sister), Hunter Malsch (8yo), and myself.

The actual purpose for the trip was for Gus and Hunters B-day, for the last 3 years Phil and I have taken the boys Striper fishing on/close to their B-day which is on Jan 5th. Gus’s sister Maggie caught her first Striper (24lbds) and Hunter caught a 30lbder. All in all a very good day!



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