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G&H Offshore Lures was founded in 2006 by two fishermen who just plain love to fish.  We are a small tackle manufacturing company that focuses on two lures: Hand tied "Seawitches" and "Striper Mojos".

Our main goal is to manufacture quality fishing lures directly to you at an affordable price.  Our lures are 100% "American made".       

If you are an avid striper fisherman and want to try different trolling methods for stripers, then you need to add our "Striper Mojo" to your tackle box.  We will help you with rod set up and how to effectively troll mojos in your fishing spread to better your chances to catch a "Trophy Rockfish".  

If you fish offshore, you know the effectiveness of a quality hand tied Seawitch. G&H seawitches are a proven addition to any offshore trolling spread.

Thank you for visiting our site and feel free to e-mail or call us with any questions.

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Saltwater Series Swim Whizz

“Swim Whizz” (Saltwater Series)

swim_wizz_ red_whiteThe Homer Leblanc Original “Swim Whizz” lure, which took the musky world by storm.  Designed in 1956, and after 50 plus years since its inception this legendary lure has made its way to the salt water.

The  “Swim Whizz” (Saltwater Series)  are currently available in a 6” straight version (in either  floating or suspension),an  8” jointed-version  or an 8” straight version  in the following colors; Red/ White,  Red/Chartreuse and Black/ Pearl, commonly referred to as the “Grey Ghost”.   The saltwater series will have cad-plated Mustad hooks and stainless steel split rings.  The jointed versions will have three treble hooks while the straight version uses two hooks.  The 8” straight version is available with internal rattles.

The “Swim Whizz” has two ties; use the top ring for deeper running depths and use the bottom ring to run shallower in the water column.  The Swim Whizz is best trolled in conjunction with our G&H Mojo for striper fishing or trolled with an inline sinker for greater depths.   See our rigging diagrams for the best applications in running the “Swim Whizz”.  The “Swim Whizz” can also be casted using either a fast or slow retrieve.


For further information please visit Big Bear Products at http://bigbearproducts.com/swimwhizz.php

Dealers are welcomed.  Please contact G&H Offshore Lures by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 919-760-7995 for dealer pricing.

Paddle Tail Shad Bodies

Paddle Tail Shad Bodies

Price: $4.50 - $6.00

7 Inch  9 Inch And 11 Inch Shad Bodies.

7 Inch (6 Per Pack) $4.50
9 Inch (3 Per Pack) $6.00
11 Inch $3.50 Each

The G&H Paddle Tail Shad is made from a Saltwater grade soft plastic that has unique scaled sides and a large diamond shape paddle tail which creates an irresistible swimming action. Paddle Tail Shads are excellent for any fishing application when paired with Jig Heads, Mojos, Parachute Jigs, Umbrella rigs, etc... Our Paddle Tail Shads are available in two sizes; seven inch and nine inch and come in a variety fish catching colors: Anti-Freeze, Chartreuse, Clear Chartreuse Glitter, Extreme Glow, Ultra White and Pearl.

As with all G&H products, these shads are completely handcrafted in the USA!


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